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Nu Bear is a multidisciplinary design studio that specialises in industrial design, visualisation, animations, set and event design. Working within a variety of industries including Aviation, Automotive, Film, TV  and Lifestyle, Nu Bear Ltd was founded in London Paddington in 2017 by husband and wife, Richard and Basmah. With a passion for travel and photography, Nu Grip was conceived over 18 months ago and the team at Nu Bear have spent that time designing, prototyping, testing and preparing it ready for production. Nu Grip has been tested by GoPro and DJI users around the world and is now ready for the market.

Our Background

Both Richard and Basmah are graduates of Industrial Design from the University of Loughborough, UK. Between them, they have over 25 years of design experience in a variety of sectors.  Richard has spent many years designing Aircraft Interiors for both luxury and commercial aircraft. He has built a reputation for delivering conceptual design right through to viable working products. Basmah crafted her skills in the design for Live Events, Film and TV. She was part of the design team for the London 2012 Olympic Opening and Closing ceremonies and more recently has worked on the latest James Bond sets for 'No Time to Die' (2020) and the Agatha Christie Films, 'Murder on the Orient Express' (2017) and 'Death on the Nile' (2020).

Our Passion

We have both grown up with a love for the ocean. Basmah lived on an island for 6 years, spending time in water almost every day and Richard, even though he was landlocked for most of his life, enjoys every water sport under the sun, from Scuba diving to Sailing, Windsurfing to Kitesurfing. We have a great appreciation of the sea and the marine life it holds, so it is important to us that we care and respect it. As we spend a lot of time in the water, we have seen a dramatic increase in plastic pollution, most of which appear to be single-use.


Tiki is from Florida, but has lived in multiple states in the US, and also lived in Costa Rica to finish out school. She has a background as an outdoor educator and kayak guide/instructor. A long time lover of anything water, she moved to Florida in 2014 and quickly let her passion of the outdoors take hold of her. She became a L2 licensed tour guide and still enjoys leading tours in various parts of Florida. For any Florida travel questions (or other spots in the US), she is your go to gal. She graduated in 2019 with her Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies, with minors focused on Environmental Sociology and Education, and an Associates in Enterprise Development. She is currently pursing her passion of travel and has built out a shuttle bus to live in full time as her and her pup, Rio, travel the states together and go on all sorts of adventures. She is extremely passionate about teaching others about the environment and its inhabitants. , so if you need to know about flora, fauna, snakes, or alligators, she's on it. 

Tiki helps handle many aspects of the business, including our social media, emails, content, marketing, blogs, newsletters, claims, and other customer service outlet to help provide a smooth experience for you. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, email her at and she will be sure to help you out!

What can Nu Bear do to help?

We are conscious of the impact we the human race are having on our oceans, especially the ever-increasing plastic waste and its devastating effect on marine wildlife. We want to be as socially responsible as we can with our product, packaging and shipping.


Nu Grip has been designed with this in mind and the product and its packaging are completely recyclable. We are minimizing energy use from initial creation through to shipping, as well as looking into advising customers on the best recycling options further down the line. We are dedicated to engaging in an environment-friendly packaging production process, with no single-use plastics. We actively designed our packaging to omit any plastic trays, clear plastic windows to display our product, plastic hanging tags, and vacuum-sealed packaging. All our packaging can be recycled. 

Of course there is always more we can do, so we will constantly look at improving our design and manufacturing processes to minimise the environmental footprint. We have partnered with One Tree Planted, an organisation focused on reforestation and shall be planting one tree for every Nu Grip reward on our crowdfunding campaign. Check out our blog for more information. 


We are carrying out beach clean-up initiatives in the UK and abroad. It may be small initially, but it is something we will continue to grow and invest our time in. As we develop as a company we will expand and actively contribute to fighting our global problem. To help us with beach cleanups, we have partnered with Barrel Bag, a wonderful brand with caring individuals that have created reusable, washable mesh bags that roll up to fit in your palm. These are perfect for packing out your trash after a trip, and for cleaning up the mess left behind by others. Together, we strive to make the world a cleaner place. Check them out under our recommended sites tab for more information. 


What can you do?

We welcome anyone who wishes to join us on our beach clean-up initiatives, but we appreciate that not everyone has the time or the access to do so. However, you can actively support one or more of our Indiegogo rewards that would help these initiatives. As soon as we go live with our campaign we will let you know and in the meantime why not use the form below to stay connected. Thank you for your interest! 

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