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Water Safety

Hello Nu Bear Community! I hope you’re doing spectacular. I know we are eager to be hitting the water again once it is warm enough. However, I want to talk to you about something that is very important as you explore new (or familiar) waters. We have been taught to be safe when it comes to all sorts of activities and day-to-day life, and being on the water is definitely a place where safety preparedness is key.

Whether you swim, surf, SUP, kayak, canoe, water ski, or anything else under the sun, making sure you are safe in the event of an accident or fatigue is so important. In a lot of areas, having floatation on you or at minimum on your watercraft is required by law. If you were to get knocked by a wave or hit a rock while on your paddleboard, you could slip off and be in the water in less than a second. What do you do if conditions a