Frequently asked questions

How much does Nu Grip weigh?

  • Without an action camera or additional lanyards attached, it weighs 140 grams or 4.9 oz.

Where will Nu Grip be shipped from? Do I have to pay import fees or taxes?

  • We will be fulfilling from the US and UK. If you live in these countries, you will not have any import taxes.

How does it float?

  • Each leg has a certain amount of buoyancy, the combined buoyancy of the three legs allows Nu Grip to float with the action camera.
  • We recommend you test your camera in shallow water before use. Camera manufacturers are bringing out new models all the time and we will try to test as many as we can and display the results. However, we cannot guarantee that Nu Grip will float with a camera that is not on the list or if you're using additional accessories so we advise you always check the buoyancy before use.
  • Some cameras are heavier than others but each type of camera will have a different buoyancy with Nu Grip depending on the camera's materials and the volume of air within the camera.

Does Nu Grip come in another colour?

  • Not currently, if we receive a large amount of requests, we will consider doing a questionnaire to offer an alternative colour.

What cameras can you use on Nu Grip?

  • We have tested as many cameras as we can and have provided a list of cameras that have passed the test; these tests were done in freshwater, salt water provides greater buoyancy than fresh water. We always recommend you test Nu Grip with your camera before use.
  • Check out our table on our specification page.

How long is Nu Grip?

  • As a grip it is 9 inches / 23 cm, once extended it is 22.25 inches / 56.5 cm, it can also be set to varying lengths in between.

Is Nu Grip waterproof?

  • Nu Grip is waterproof to 60 ft (18 m)

How to clean Nu Grip?

  • Nu Grip has several moving components (hinged legs & telescopic tubes). If these components are blocked in someway by debris, do not force the components together or apart as this may damage the product and would not be covered under warranty. If sand or debris hardens or gets stuck on these components, soak your Nu Grip in warm tap water for 15 minutes and then rinse thoroughly to remove the debris before use.
  • After use in salt water, rinse Nu Grip with fresh water, and dry with a soft cloth.