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Spare / Replacement Parts

As a small business, we try to do our part to be environmentally conscious, and thus have made the move to create modular parts for ease of manufacturing and also for unfortunate incidents such as user error/mistake and manufacturer defects, which are an unfortunate reality of every company out there. We believe throwing out an entire product for one broken part is one of the biggest contributors to landfill waste, and creating a whole new product to replace one with a single broken part is also a negative carbon footprint. We are committed to neutralizing our carbon footprint as much as possible, as well as doing other things in our power to be a sustainably focused company. Any part of our products that does eventually see the end of it's life can be recycled, and our packaging is also completely recyclable!


Along with a replacement part, we will send instructions on how to easily and quickly get your new grip attached to the existing pole without the need for any tools other than what we provide you with. So whether you accidentally dropped your Nu Grip down a mountain, wanted to test the product strength by throwing it at a wall, or have discovered a manufacturer defect, if the entire product isn't broken, let's get it fixed, not just tossed in the recycling bin so fast!

**Please note that replacing a part on your Nu Grip does not restart your warranty period, all warranties are final and last 6 months from your original date of purchase on Manufacturer Defects. For a new warranty, an entirely new product much be purchased from our main shop. 

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