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Warranty Policy

Our 6 Month's Limited Manufacturer Warranty covers Nu Bear's products under their intended use from the original date of purchase.  This warranty does not cover the negligent use of any product, including; scratches or blemishes from use or cracks on products from improper use or storage, improper cleaning, or damage from mishandling, excessive force, or dropping the product. Reading our instructions and care protocols will help you better take care of your Nu Grip, and failure to adhere to these guidelines may void your warranty (i.e. not testing your setup in a controlled environment such as a pool before heading into open water, altering your Nu Grip in any way, not properly storing and cleaning for your Nu Grip, etc). 

This warranty is non-transferable and is applicable to the original purchaser only. It cannot be extended to cover second-hand purchases from unauthorised re-sellers.  All warranty claims should include a dated proof of purchase with a description of the product sold.  Items bought from unauthorised re-sellers will not be covered under warranty. If your product broke due to operator mistake, that's okay- it happens! Feel free to email us anyway and mention what happened, we will do our best to make sure you can remain part of the Nu Bear Family as well! 

To file your claim, please fill out the form below, and allow us 3-5 business days to assess your attached photos/video and get back to you.

Please submit photos and/or video(s) of the following:
-multiple side profile shots of the product
-top/bottom photos of the product
-close up(s)  of the damage/manufacturer defect


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