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Telescope Replacement Instructions


Replacing the pole

Please start the process on a flat, clear, and clean surface. This prevents losing any of the components. 

  1. Remove pole from tripod.

  2. Extend and lock the telescope pole.

  3. Insert the telescope pole into the tripod base. Please note that the aperture /opening of the tripod neck is not circular, align the grooves of the telescope pole with the grooves on the aperture/opening of the tripod and slide the large telescope section through. There should be no resistance if it is correctly aligned.

  4. Lay the Nu Grip base with its pole horizontally and open the three legs.

  5. Align and push the end cap onto the bottom part of the pole so the holes on the side match up.

  6. Check the holes from the end cap to the holes on the pole align. 

  7. Insert the screws in the end cap perpendicularly to the pole and screw the screws through the cap and the pole.

  8. The screws should be flush with the exterior surface of the end cap, they should sit equally on both sides. Do not overtighten the screws. 

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Thank you,

Nu Bear Team

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