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Hi! We have decided to take this opportunity to change the stigma on "not aesthetically perfect" products that still function as they should and could go on some great adventures with you, but instead end up collecting dust on a shelf or being put in the trash. Worldwide, the amount of actual "Ugly Fruit" that has turned to waste is tremendous and a little heart-wrenching, as they only need the right person to take them home!


At Nu Bear, we do our best to make positive commitments to the environment, and do our part to reduce/neutralize our carbon footprint whenever possible. We have adopted the Ugly Fruit sale idea, to still give these slightly

blemished but fully functional Nu Grips the opportunity to go home for a discounted price. The regular retail value of the Nu Grip is £59, but the "UFC" Nu Grips will sell for £35 (plus shipping and fees) while supplies last!


Please understand that we cannot offer any further discounts to the UFC Nu Grips, and no further promotions can be applied to this collection of products. We do still include our 6 Month Limited Manufacturer Warranty. 

An orange gourd displayed on a piece of
Image by Leon Seibert
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