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Why the Nu Grip 4-in-1 is the Ultimate Action Camera Accessory

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Hello! If you're here, it's likely because you are considering upgrading your gear and you want to find the best accessories for your action camera. There are so many out there, the floats, grips, selfie sticks, tripods, how are we supposed to know which ones to choose? Well, now you don't have to! The Nu Grip by Nu Bear combines some of the most commonly used accessories into one to create the World's First Floating Tripod and 4-in-1 accessory for your phone and action cameras from brands like GoPro, DJI, Sony, Garmin, Insta360, and more!

Why should I choose the Nu Grip over another brand/product?

Glad you asked! The Nu Grip is set apart from our competitors for a few reasons, such as the unique design and multifunctionality, our sustainable practices, our quality products and personalized customer service, and of course the amount of money the Nu Grip can save you. Let's break it down! Choosing a Nu Grip allows you to:

  • Have a small gear bag that isn't cluttered with a ton of different grips and accessories.

  • Spend less money overall by buying one multifunctional product vs multiple separate products to achieve the same functions.

  • Have peace of mind, knowing we offer a comparable warranty to our competitors.

  • Support a small startup! We don't use bots, ignore you, and will are committed to providing consistently high-quality customer care.

  • Practice sustainable shopping! We don't use any single use plastics in our packaging or shipping- no plastic hanging tabs, useless bags, or plastic wrap here! We also plant a tree for every Nu Grip purchased. We are always looking for the next step we can take to be more sustainable.

  • Be part of a community. Here at Nu Bear, our community is important to us, we want to hear about the goals your crushing, challenges you've conquered, and the adventures you enjoyed. Tag us in your content, or send it to us- we want to see and celebrate it!

What do you mean by underwater tripod?

Just that! Not only can you use your Nu Grip as a selfie stick or tripod on the land, and also as a grip or float; but if you deploy the tripod legs, it will also float underwater as a tripod for stable shooting! How neat, right? Now you can capture videos hands free, whether you want a cool video of yourself and don't trust your sibling or friend to get the angle you want, or if you want to start a video and back off to let the underwater wildlife come safely back out to explore around the Nu Grip. As a bonus, now you can focus on soaking in the moment while your Nu Grip helps capture a lasting memory!

Is it really worth it?

If you haven't seen David Manning's video, he sums it up nicely when talking about the amazing opportunity to film him working on swim lessons with his daughter, which he wouldn't have been able to capture with any other accessory on the market at the time. We are a family led business, and to us this is what it's all about! We are here to help capture the memories of your adventures and precious times, and now no one has to be behind the camera and left out of any footage! In addition to this, we also provide an easy way switch between uses and vantage points without the need to change accessories every time, no matter the terrain! Want to enjoy the beach but also capture the sunset? Deploy your Nu Grip into a tripod, set up your action camera, such as the GoPro HERO10 or Insta260 ONE X2, to your desired setting, and soak up the last of the daylight living in the moment! Not only that, but we truly take our customer feedback to heart and are always looking for ways to bring improvements to our products as well provide new exciting releases on our shop.

Can I use the Nu Grip with....

Yes! Well, probably. We have float tested approximately 30 action camera models (and phones) to see which ones pass the test. To see if your action camera will work with a Nu Grip, click here. Want to add on mods and other accessories? No worries, but please keep in mind our float test is for the action camera, not any additional mods. We remind you to always check your setup if you will be using it in the water, by float testing the full setup in a controlled environment such as shallow and slow moving water, a pool, etc. to make sure it is functioning properly and not overloaded with weight.

Why am I still here and not buying a Nu Grip?

I can't answer that one.. why are you here? Go on, check out the rest of our site, learn more about the team, browse our shop, or review our FAQ page.

Seriously, there's nothing else for you here. Go check out the shop or something

Until Next Time,


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