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We're Back! But Who Are We?

Read to the end for some exciting news of a new arrival!

Hi everyone! I am so glad you made it over here to check in on us. While we have been active on social media and elsewhere in the business, we have spent so much time fine-tuning things behind the scenes, that our blog was temporarily put on hold. I know you looked forward to hearing from me every month on this page, so it must have been absolutely devastating.

All monkeying aside, we are ready to get back into blogs, and will aim to update you once a month! As with our newsletters, we don't like to share so much to the point you get bored of us immediately and mindlessly delete our emails and notifications without even checking them out. We want to develop our community and grow closer with you all! Let us know if you think a blog a month could fit into your routine.

So, for our Nu Bear Community old and new, we wanted to answer the question you may not have even asked yet: Who Is Nu Bear? For a more in-depth prelude on how we got started and who is part of the fantastic team here, head to the ABOUT US section of our page and read a bit more into our life stories! This blog is more about our niche, and what we have planned as far as future products.

Nu Bear is an adventure lifestyle brand. We are known for our first product, the world's first floating tripod- the Nu Grip 4in1. However, we have no intention of that being our first and last big product. We have some accessories and other collaborations available on our site, and I definitely suggest checking them out if you haven't already. Moving forward though, we have to keep the ball rolling, right?! We have been absolutely overwhelmed (in the best way possible for a small family start-up business) with all of the love and support we have received on the Nu Grip, and this led to more mass orders, some iterations from your feedback, more testing, and some quality control.

Now that we have reigned it all in, we are ready to start focusing more time on what our brand stands for as a whole, which includes our niche. Are we an action camera accessory company? Nope! We identify our niche as an adventure lifestyle brand. What does this mean? We don't want to just copy and paste other inventions and accessories for your action cameras. While we do have some more accessories in the making, we want to move out of that boundary and into the world of adventure as a whole. We aim to incorporate products that include surfing, paddle sports, swimming, skiing, snowboarding, biking, dog-friendly equipment for the furry sidekicks, and so much more. I encourage you to keep in touch, interact with us on social media, email us when you have questions or fun news to share, and stay part of the Nu Bear Community as we continue to grow from the ground up!

Finally I want to congratulate Basmah and Richard on welcoming their new arrival to their Nu Bear family and wish them happiness and fun adventures.

If you need to contact us, we would love to hear from you- feel free to reach out to me at with your thoughts!

Until Next Time,


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