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Go Pro HERO9: What About?

You asked, we provided!

I am sure by now you have watched a few videos, tinkered with your HERO9, or are still debating on if it is worth the purchase. I am not here to tell you that you need the Go Pro HERO9 (although…) but I am here to let you know the pros, cons, and overall differences of the HERO8 to the HERO9. Stay with us in the future blogs to learn about the overall features, how to use them, what our preferences are, and more! Alright, enough small talk- let's get started!

New features in the Go Pro HERO9:

The first thing that you all have probably noticed is the front “selfie” LCD screen. How sick is that, right?! This is perfect not only for vloggers, but also just for those of us trying to line up that perfect shot on land, or when using the Nu Grip as a floating underwater tripod and making sure we are positioned properly! Not only that, but the rear display was also upgraded, and is now 16% larger than the HERO8. The HERO8 had a big loss for me in the main fact that there was no removable lens. It seems GoPro listened to this complaint, because in the HERO9, not only is the removable lens back, but there is also a Max lens mod attachment, which I cannot wait to test out!


Let’s talk about the camera specifics. The sensor has been upgraded from 12 to 23.6 MP, which allows for much more clarity on your shots. You can now record up to 5k at 30 fps with a bitrate of 100 bps! This is amazing for that cinematic video experience to create a crisper, mirrorless camera effect. We will get more into when and when not to use this in a future blog. While the previous models have all gone down to 720p as its lowest resolution, the newer model goes down to 1080p. The upgrade to horizon leveling, gimbal-like Hypersmooth 3.0, and Boost as well as TimeWarp 3.0 (with live audio!) are both great upgrades as well, although they do cause some cropping, so keep this in mind. As with the HERO8 (through an update), the newer HERO9 also has the webcam capability up to 1080p. You can also live stream to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.

What about those shots that I always just barely miss? NOT ANYMORE! HindSight is now here to save the day, and what it does is essentially backtracks and saves the previous 30 seconds of your footage as soon as you hit the button, so let's say you're trying to film your friend catching the best wave all day, and you thought you were too late. As long as you hit that button, your new GoPro will automatically grab those “lost” 30 seconds and save them for you. And for those shots, you miss because you’re preoccupied sleeping, working, cooking, or playing with the dog, you can now use Duration Capture, which allows you to choose a time and duration you want your Go Pro to shoot for. Set it up how and where you want it, and just wait. Want it to capture the sunrise so you can claim you’re an early bird, or get the sunset for you to watch later while you are stuck inside on a late zoom call? Set your GoPro HERO9 up (even better if you do this part with your Nu Grip) and set your desired time and duration (any time from 15 seconds to three hours) and go about your day!


The overall weight difference from the HERO8 to HERO9 is 32g.

This puts the weight for the HERO9 at 158g, just a few grams more than the Max, so yes your Nu Grip will float with the extra weight!

Overall size difference: HERO 8 measures in at 66.3x48.6x28.4mm and the HERO9 measures in at 71x55x33.6mm. All general mounts still fit the same, but with the larger battery, you will need new replacement batteries and new battery chargers if you have that kind of set up, as well as and kind of housing, be it plastic or silicone, as the overall size is of course larger. My GDome that I have used since I bought my HERO6 sadly does not fit the HERO 9, so I will be looking into an alternative. I have seen the lens mods that are used for this and hesitate a bit, but send me your recommendations!

The attachment for the battery compartment seems pretty airtight and I personally like it so far. On previous GoPros, I have had the issue of sand getting in the track on rare occasions (when I may or may not have temporarily lost my Go Pro in the ocean and/or river hypothetically) but it seems to be more of a snug fit now with the snap-in feature of the new HERO9. As far as the battery goes, GoPro boasts that the battery life is a 30% increase. I did a quick test one day with my HERO6 and my HERO9 recording outside on the same settings, and my GoPro HERO9 did last about a half-hour longer, which fits these specs. Lastly, the touch screen. Many others out there have already complained about the touch screen sensitivity, stating how troublesome it can sometimes be to select an option. However, I had the opposite thought. I was always frustrated with how touchy my other GoPro's have been, especially if they got wet. I ended up always locking the screen, and even that was touchy in the water. I am hoping I will get used to the new sensitivity on this screen, and end up liking it more, especially as I get to hit the water with it.

So far, my thoughts? It was definitely worth the upgrade in my opinion. Time will tell. If you aren't quite ready for a HERO9 but you are wanting to get into the game a bit, the new release has really marked down the prices of previous models. I do still think the HERO7 and HERO6 are great, and if the HERO8 had a removable lens it would also be a favorite. There is a camera out there for everyone! Stay tuned to see more about the presets, what I like, what I have changed, and what the methods to my madness are.

Until Next Time,


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