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Our Top Gift Picks for the Adventurers Out There This Holiday Season

Have you mailed your letter to Santa yet? If not, hold off just a bit longer because I have some ideas you may want to add to your list! You may even like them so much you know you'll be able to choose the perfect gift for the other adventurous souls in your life, too. Keep reading to learn about some of our favorite products and ideas to enjoy this holiday season. I know you probably have a lot going on, so I'll keep it simple!

The Nu Grip 4in1 is what launched us face first into the action camera world , as the World's First Floating Tripod with patented technology. Attach your action camera or phone and start capturing your memories without the annoyingly chaotic need to change your mount for each activity or angle. You can use the Nu Grip as a grip, tripod, float, and selfie stick. Nu Grip is compatible with brands like GoPro, DJI, Insta360, and more. It's perfect for... well anyone that enjoys documenting their journey, however that may look!

Furthermore, the tripod has multiple height adjustments, independently operating legs to properly adjust them for a level shot. You can also toss it in the water without the fear of it sinking into a pit of no return, or even use it as a hands-free option to capture footage of you and your surroundings. It is lightweight, compact, and perfect for every day use as well as a travel accessory. Don't miss out on those memories anymore, and let the Nu Grip help capture the important moments in your life with ease.

For the diver and watersport fanatic, check these out! At Nu Bear, we absolutely love the water, and may actually be part fish... We have some amazing watersports related gear to check out, including the anti-fog Tidal Mask, Dive Master Filter Collection from Polar Pro, and inflatable buoys from restube.

Looking for accessories or add-ons for activities above the water's surface? We also offer multiple mount adapters, which make the perfect gift for someone that is looking for a new way to capture content at a low cost! Browse between our Portrait/Vertical Mount, Phone Mount, and Multi Rotational Mount to see how much more creative your shots can get!

Anyone else love a good stocking stuffer? Consider some of our smaller add on items such as a protective silicone sleeve or one of our screw packs. We are also happy to offer e-gift cards to our shop if you just can't choose which item to get. If that isn't your thing, I was saving the best for last- our new and amazing, "The Big Bundle." This bundle is the ultimate saving package, and you can get four of our most popular items for an amazing discount!

Let me know what I can help you with today so we can get your holiday shopping wrapped up! I am always happy to help via email at or by messaging us on social media.

Happy holidays!

Until Next Time,


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