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What to make of the new GoPro releases

Hello friends, it's me again! We chatted previously about the new GoPro releases, what they may be, look like, etc. and now that they are out and tested by some of the top GoPro athletes in the community, we're here to break it down for you!

How many cameras were released this year?

2022 was the year of GoPros it seems, with not one but THREE new releases. These are:

-HERO11 Black

-HERO11 Black Mini

-HERO11 Black Creator Edition

There was originally a lot of speculation going around on these releases, and while there are a few things we would all still enjoy seeing continuous improvement and updating on, these new cameras have bumped the action camera game up yet again with new features, sensors, sizes, and capabilities.

What's separates them from previous models?

Great question, I am so glad you asked! We will be releasing a future blog regarding our favorite settings and how these new upgrades play out once some more time has passed, but for now we can break it down by specs to show you what has changed! Let's see what is new with each model, starting with the HERO11 Black.

-Larger sensor that allows capture of 10-bit color (over 1 billion colors, compared to the less than 17 million picked up with the 8-bit capabilities we had in prior models)

-27-megapixel camera

-Shoot up to 5.3k video at 60fps

-Improved battery that is supposed to last longer than previous lithium batteries.

-New aspect ratio for capturing content in 8:7, for easy formatting to either 16:9 for YouTube or 6:19 for TikTok, Instagram, etc. which we

have been hoping to see for a bit now and is very exciting to have available.

-Explore the world with the widest FOV option yet, with the addition of HyperView.

The GoPro HERO11 Black Creator Edition is essentially the HERO11 Black but on steroids. Sporting the same above specs, the differences here are more about what else is included. Decked out in a mic, grip, HDMI port, LED light, and two cold shoe mounts for additional options, the Creator Edition is one for the vloggers, filmmakers, and content creators out there. Plus, with the grip having a battery (and built-in buttons for single handed use) you'll have enough of a charge for up to 4 hours of filming in 4k!

Moving down in size but certainly not performance, we have the GoPro HERO11 Mini in a mini but mighty rugged housing option. You still retain all of the great updates of the HERO11 line, with a single button to shoot videos (no photos allowed on this one), a built-in battery, and an extra mount point instead of a screen being the main differences you'll see here. In my opinion, this would be a great option for those that do a lot of biking, four wheeling, mudding, rock climbing, or other more rugged outdoor activities.

Which camera is best for me?

Well, this all depends of course. If you are just starting out and looking between these three, getting the HERO11 Black may be my personal recommendation as it is a traditional style GoPro Camera that is very user friendly, has tons of tutorials on, has been tried and tested by GoPro and their community via prior models, and is a great beginner camera just as much as it is for the pros. You will also find more accessories and compatible add ons due to the traditional size of this choice. If you like the smaller, more rugged profile of the Mini, and don't mind the lack of screen or ability to take photos, it may be the perfect option. Experienced in videography, action cameras, and vlogging or filmmaking? Sounds like the HERO11 Black Creator Edition was made just for you. Don't forget though, you don't have to have the newest camera to capture great content! Some of my favorite footage is from my HERO6, so don't write off previous models. If you are on a tighter budget, now is the best time to jump on an older model! The HERO9 Black is another favorite of mine, and a worthy consideration since it is the newer, larger model GoPro seems to have moved to since the release of the HERO8, so all newer accessories they release for the 11 and future HERO Black Models *should* work for the HERO9 and 10 as well.

If you end up buying a new action camera, let us know what you chose and why, to receive a discount on a Nu Grip to pair it with. Simply email us at with "Blog Response" in the subject line.

Until Next Time,


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