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GoPro HERO11 and More Releases?!

Woah! Another year has already passed since GoPro released the HERO10? How fast time flies! If they follow by their own example, we should be seeing another release from GoPro in the next month or two. So, what will the GoPro 11 have, feature, and change from past models? What else is being released? Is GoPro still at the top of the action camera world? We're about to get into all of that right now, so read below!

What the GoPro HERO10 has:

-Compatible with the Nu Grip

-Shoots in 5.3k60 +4k120 Video Resolution, and 23 Megapixel Photo Resolution

-Waterproof to 33ft without any additional housing needed

-Advanced HyperSmooth 4.0 stabilization

-TimeWarp 3.0

-8x Slo Mo Capability

-All new GP2 processor

What we hope to see with the GoPro HERO11:

-Ideally, the new GoPro HERO11 will stay on par for size and accessory swaps between other previous GoPro models.

-Per the previous releases, the newest model will likely be around the $500-$599 price point, while we watch the GoPro HERO10 drop in price a little bit, as has happened with previous releases. It is very likely to be dropping in September, as all except one of their releases in the last five years have stayed on track with a September release date.

-We are all about a vertical framing format no matter the orientation of the camera, as most of today's content creation is often better filmed in a vertical format. Being able to set your GoPro to keep this orientation no matter how the camera is mounted/angled could be a great addition! --There is a good chance for stabilization, exposure, and low light conditions to be improved with this release. The HERO9 and 10 in my opinion have already really upped the game in these aspects, but there is definitely still room for improvement.

-We would also be interested in seeing a bigger processer, so it can keep up with the Insta360 and DJI lines, though we think this may come in one of the other new releases, to keep the HERO11 in spec with its two predecessors.

-I also think that much like when phone companies such as Apple and Samsung stretched the screen on phones by eliminating the border around the edge. This could allow for a slightly larger rear display, and some excited GoPro members have been calling for a switch in panels used to promote a more optimal performance overall with the battery and the display.

-The GP2 chip introduced in the GoPro HERO10 release could also bring about some better software changes and updates in the new upcoming release(s) by GoPro.

Sony IMX383, a 20MP sensor capable of 5.3K video at 60fps, 4K at 120fps and 2.7K at 240fps

New lines of GoPro Cameras?

GoPro announced that they plan to open their camera lines and introduce 4 lines to choose from as a creator. What do we think this means? There is so much potential for GoPro to release a more "professional" geared camera, more in line with specs capable with DSLR cameras. They have already disclosed the desire to not have a "swiss army knife" to try fit all the different uses and needs for every camera into one model. So rather than keep the action camera model, I believe they will be introducing a HERO-esque release that is larger than the HERO models, which will allow for a larger sensor, more features, and a new style of GoPro camera altogether.

The four lines we think we will be able to expect from them:

-The HERO line

-The MAX line

-The Session line to be reintroduced/tweaked

-The Pro line to be introduced


Potentially a line of cameras focused mostly on drone usage?

Features that we might see in new types of cameras could also include a built in gimbal, and a threaded screw mount instead of the folding GoPro mount arms we are used to. Perhaps an actual lens, or portrait/cinematic modes, rather than full frame focus the current GoPro models use. GoPro has been around for years, and arguably kickstarted the entire action camera content creator community. I am sure they are preparing to put themselves back above their competitors with these new lines of cameras, and I know many of us are extremely excited to see what is released soon!

What do you think?

Let us know! We want to hear your thoughts, here or via email at

-Do you agree or disagree with what we think we will see with these new releases?

-Are you hoping for something different?

-Would you rather see a bigger sensor, or is would you see that to come with more cons?

-Do you think that GoPro is still worth it as the best go-to for an action camera, or are you team DJI, Insta360, or other? Why or why not?

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Until Next Time,


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