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Ugly Fruit: What Is It, and Why Should I Care?

Fruit? Isn't this a website for adventure gear like the Nu Grip? Why are we talking about fruit, and why would we be calling it ugly??

Have you ever been to a grocery market and noticed perhaps that the location you're at has a discounted produce section for those... not as visually appealing fruit (get it? that was a banana joke). This assortment of outcast fruit is still perfectly fine, but may just look a little wonky; perhaps the pumpkin formed a little too flat, the watermelon looks a wonky, the tomato has another tomato growing out of it.. you get the point. While nothing is wrong with this produce other than how they may look, the store owner has decided that rather than watching the misfit produce decompose in the store bin and create unnecessary waste, he would highlight them together for a slightly lower price to help benefit the produce, the store, and the customer. This is where the term ugly fruit comes from.

Well, that's where we come in with the idea! Any business, big or small, will always have some random and accidental "Ugly Fruit." For us, these are products that have miss the mark during our inspection based on the shade of orange seen on the feet or logo, a tiny scratch, etc but are otherwise completely functional (and still include our 6 Month Limited Warranty for Manufacturer Defects)! Rather than create unnecessary waste from these products, we would be happy to offer them as a cost effective way to clear our shelf, keep the landfill a little more clean, and also offer our Nu Grips to those around us hurt by the current state of the world.

We understand there has been a lot of hardship out there the past few years, with a global pandemic, loss of income/jobs, increases in average prices, etc. and we truly sympathize with you all, especially as a small husband and wife run startup company! This is our attempt at making the most of the current situation, and while buying a Nu Grip at full retail price is still far cheaper than buying the four products the Nu Grip is capable of performing as, we also know that it isn't as realistic for everyone at the moment,. We have high standards of quality, and while we didn't want to release these originally, we have decided to take this opportunity to change the stigma on "not aesthetically perfect" products that still function as they should! Worldwide, the amount of "Ugly Fruit" that has turned to waste is tremendous and a little heart-wrenching, as they only need the right person to take them home! At Nu Bear, we do our best to make positive commitments to the environment, and do our part to neutralize/reduce our carbon footprint whenever possible. It's also why our Nu Grips are modular, in case a repair is ever needed!

If one of these "Ugly Fruit Collection" Nu Grips may be of interest to you or someone you know, please shoot us an email with "Ugly Fruit" as the subject line and we will be happy to send you a hidden link to find them on our website! The regular retail value of the Nu Grip is £59, but these Ugly Fruit Collection Nu Grips will sell for £35 (plus shipping and fees) while supplies last! Please understand that we cannot offer any further discounts to the UFC Nu Grips, and no further promotions can be applied to this collection of products.

Help us reduce waste, one piece of Ugly Fruit at a time!

What do you think of this idea? Let us know!

Until Next Time,


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