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GoPro Hero8 Settings: Action/Activity!

This week we are going to show you how to best set up your new GoPro with action/Activity settings.

Action Photography

GoPro action cameras are perfect for action photography and extreme sports as they are tiny, durable, lightweight and take awesome photos and videos. Photographers love them as they can document their adventures easily and on the go where it might be harder with a regular camera.

So you have a GoPro but are you using it to its full potential? Are you benefiting from all the functions it offers?

We love snowboarding, skiing, wakeboardng and kitesurfing and always take our GoPro Hero8 and Nu Grip with us. Here are a few useful tips that we have learnt whilst enjoying these sports and activities. 

Settings we use on our GoPro Hero 8 Black for Action:

Why do we use these settings?

2.7K at 120 Fps (Frames Per Second)

Here we have chosen to use 2.7K at 120Fps because you can't shoot 4K at 120Fps with HyperSmooth on. We have taken it down a level and then if we want to post to Youtube we can stretch our 2.7K frame to a 4K frame later. 120Fps is absolutely meant for action and activities, so if you capture something impressive while snowboarding, these settings will give you the frames to be able to slow the footage down to 50% and show people how awesome you are! HyperSmooth smooths out any jerky movements whilst on the go. 

16:9 Aspect Ratio

4:3 Aspect Ratio doesn't include HyperSmooth Image Stabilisation.


We find the wide lens option gives the best results and is so important as you want to capture as much in the frame as you can when you are doing your favourite activity. 

HyperSmooth 2.0 Turn: On

HyperSmooth helps stabilise your footage in the camera and can remove jerky movements. In combination with footage shot at 120Fps the results can look silky smooth.

Go Pro Colour

Use Go Pro colour mode and the image will be vibrant and have contrast. Use Flat mode if you would like process the photos at a later date in an image processing app where you’re going to adjust settings like exposure and contrast. Of course you can still process images shot with the GoPro Colour modes–it’s just that the Flat mode gives you a bit more flexibility in preserving tones.

Sharpness: High

When you are on the go you want the sharpness set to high as you'll get crisp details and an image that looks sharp overall. It’s especially good if you’re going to share your photos and videos as they are, with little or no post-editing.  

Wind Reduction: On

If you are anticipating that the camera will be exposed to wind noise throughout the majority of your activity, you can set wind reduction to on. No doubt you will be outside and moving so this is a great setting to have on.

Next week we have a really cool new video to share with you!

Stay tuned :)

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