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NU Year NU Gear!

Hello everyone- let me kick this off by wishing everyone a happy and healthy Nu Year! I hope you enjoyed your holiday season and are excited to tackle obstacles this year that will continue to teach and mold you into the strongest versions of yourself. Perhaps this year we will be allowed to travel a bit more, and if this happens, you need to be loaded up with the newest and most helpful gear out there. I hope to help you out with your packing list and favorite must haves for hitting the road! You know that we are a small business that grew quickly because of the awesome support of backers like you, via sharing our posts on social media, purchasing our products, and checking out our site! We like to do the same, so in this segment, I would am excited to introduce you to other small businesses with a big impact that would also love to have your support.

Let's get started, shall we?


First on my list is Barrel Bag, a mesh, reusable, washable bag to use for cleaning up beaches, roadsides, parking lots, and waterways. I have had one for a few years and absolutely love it!

I love to free dive and swim through the springs here in Florida. The Barrel Bag is amazing because I can wear it across my body, dive down, and swim around without having to hold onto it. Since it is mesh, the water flows through it as I pick up trash / rubbish from the river bottoms and along the bank. I highly recommend adding one of these to your kit. They roll up to fit into the palm of your hand, so they won't take up much room either. You can also track your clean ups via the QR code on the back of their bags, and together we can see the difference we're making across the globe! Stay tuned for a great collab with Barrel Bag that we are super excited about!

Get yours here:


Next up is the Nuvoe water purifier. Nuvoe launched on Kickstarter in November 2020 and successfully funded very quickly. The Australian based company knows how important water is for all of us, extreme adrenaline junkies, road trip travelers, and Netflix binge watchers alike. With the Nuvoe, you can have purified water in about one minute, and you no longer have to worry about bio contaminants.

Definitely a win for on the go or at home, so add this to your kit! The best part? No replacing filters or any later costs and wasted materials- just a one time purchase and you're good to go!

Check them out:


Now, to introduce a truly unique company- Biolite! Wherever you need to go, Biolite Energy has your back. Whether you are interested in a solar setup for your lighting and power using energy from the sun, or the amazing wood stove that generates electricity from energy harnessed by the fire, you should definitely check them out. Not enough of a sell? We have been fans of them for quite some time and following their progress. They are on a mission to bring clean affordable energy to those across Africa and India that don't have access to this, so supporting them by backing a product would also support an amazing cause.

Read more about them at:


It is my strong personal belief that having a multi-tool is NEVER a bad idea. Multitools are small, compact pieces that house anywhere from three to over 20 functional tools. Launched on Indiegogo in 2019, they have been fine tuning everything during the course of last year, and are now in the process of shipping and fulfilling orders!

With the Union by Toler Tools, you get knives, saws, bottle openers, screw drivers, an innovative wrench (my favorite part about this unique piece), pliers, wire cutters, and more.

If you don't think you need this multi-tool on steroids.... I advise you to think again and check it out anyway. You can never be too prepared, and with a tool like this, you're always two steps ahead.

Click here for more:


Last for this blog (although I could go on and on) is the Rux Bag. They started on Indiegogo in November 2020, and fully funded in a matter of minutes! Whether you need to carry all of the camping gear for a week long kayak camping trip, or just want to head to the beach for a fun day in the sun, the Rux bag is here for you.

It has undergone extensive testing and prototyping, and is comprised of a Canadian based team that loves everything outdoors. It folds down and stows easily when not in use (which is probably pretty rare since it has SO many uses) and has easy to access organizing removable pockets that line the inside. Carry it as a market bag, shoulder pack, as a tote, or even as a backpack!

Unpack more information at:


Well, that's a wrap for this segment! Stay tuned for more small businesses to check out, and as always, feel free to message, comment, or email me with any questions or feedback, as well as what you'd like to see for a future post!

Until Next Time, Tiki

**All of these products were chosen at my discretion simply because I think they're worth having for your adventures and were in no way sponsored by any of these brands. All photos belong to the respective brand.

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