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Socially Distanced Activities

This year has been a tough one across the globe, full of not only a pandemic, but also monthly surprises like murder hornets, more hurricanes than ever before, a star disappearing, a planet floating through our galaxy, a monkey stealing COVID samples, accidental invasions, released UFO footage, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle peacing out of the royal family, bitcoin hackers getting into accounts of Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Joe Biden, and Kanye West, the loss of many important role models, fires and explosions across the globe, worldwide protests, monoliths, and much much more. It has definitely been a year for the books, but if you are feeling stressed and need to get out into some fresh air (safely) then this is the blog for you!

I know everyone has different lockdown measures in place, and some places are only allowed to go to work and for groceries, while others are essentially open at full capacity and only required to social distance and wear masks. Please keep in mind that your local regulations may keep you from doing some of these activities, and we strongly encourage everyone to listen to their local guidelines, and even if you do go out, please always practice safe measures, such as avoiding large groups, social distancing, and wearing a face covering. With that being said, we also know that getting outside in the fresh air, on your own or with a family member, can be beneficial for your physical and mental health. Here are some options for you to consider! -A day of kayaking or paddleboarding.

-SCUBA or free diving.

-Going for a run through the trails at a local park.

-Going for a bike ride.

-Decorating your driveway with chalk and playing games like hopscotch, twister, obstacle courses, foursquare, and more.

-Having a chalk drawing competition with family (let’s keep it somewhat friendly 😉).

-Learn how to do a cartwheel (and send us your bloopers).

-Have a picnic in the park.

-Go for an evening stroll to watch the sunset.

-Yoga and a sunrise or sunset, anyone?

-Go somewhere remote and dance it out! It feels great to get goofy in nature.

-Do a photoshoot! Take your family (or go on your own with a handy device like our Nu Grip) and get some fun shots!

-Try out new angles and ideas with your photography. Capture abstract angles. Try new perspectives.

-Set up a mini sports field in your back yard and get the family outside for football, handball, tag, etc.

-Learn how to throw a frisbee (I will get there eventually…)

-Create a nature scavenger hunt (everyone has to find a leaf as big as their face, a stick that looks like a slingshot, a rock that looks like a heart, etc).

-Rake up the leaves, and dive in! Or, for further entertainment, if you have a dog, throw the tennis ball in the leaf pile and watch them swim through the leaves!

-Find an elderly neighbour or family member, and find out if they need help with anything outside (cleaning out the garage, washing the car, cleaning up the lawn, etc- all things that you can socially distance with to keep them and you safe)

-Build something! Start small, draw something up or find plans online, and learn how to build it!

-Flip furniture. If you see anything out on the curb or have anything in your house that is needing a touch-up, sand it down and repaint it.

-Drive around and look at holiday lights. You can stay in the car, away from others, and drink your hot cocoa all night long!

The list goes on, but hopefully, some of these ideas will help you out.

Stay safe, stay sane, and stay happy.

Until next time,


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