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Tiki Tips: Living Sustainably

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Hello all! Happy to have you back, and this week I wanted to touch on sustainability. We at Nu Bear are very aware of the impact humans have on the earth, and we do our best to help reduce or reverse that damage. For instance, with every purchase, we plant one tree via our alliance at One Tree Planted! Furthermore, all of our packaging is recyclable- made from cardboard, with no plastic whatsoever! The product, Nu Grip, itself is also more sustainable than other products, because instead of purchasing 4 different items (selfie stick, float, grip, and tripod) we have combined these into one product to save not only money, but also reduce plastic use and harmful emissions! Another plus? It really frees up some room in your gear bag!

I am not just here to brag on my favorite company; I also want to offer you some ideas, options, and alternatives for living more sustainable. Ready? Here we go!


Thirsty? Instead of buying 6 packs of soda, try buying a full bottle. This eliminates the plastic rings that can get lost in waterways or on land, which often end up trapping or killing innocent creatures. Additionally, you can cut down on the amount of single use plastics out there. An even better option? Look for glass bottles! In some countries, you can bring back the rinsed out glass bottles for a discount off your next purchase, and the returned ones are then properly recycled.

Hungry? Try to watch out for unnecessary product packaging, such as fruits and veggies shrink wrapped in plastic.... what's the point? Also if you can avoid single use things, like yogurt cups, and instead get a large container of yogurt, you're reducing the amount of single use plastics, as well as freeing up space in your fridge by not having individual items in there.

Time for new clothes? Look for items that are naturally made, made from recycled products, and/or made sustainably. For instance, using plastic bottles broken down and implemented in to shirts and pants is becoming more popular. There is also a company that uses Cacti to make "cactus leather" which is sustainable, good for the environment, lasts a long time, and breaks down better than synthetic materials.

Kitchen goods: I will admit, I have more plastic containers than glass in my kitchen to store snacks or left overs. But it's not what you may think! I save containers from lunch meat and other items, and repurpose them by filling them with dog food for adventures with my pup, or use them for my favorite snacks and leftovers! I bake a lot, and also will put pastries in them to leave with a friend, so I am not worried about them returning my nicer dishes.

Need more hair and body product? Things like soap, shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent, and more can be made at home by yourself, or refilled at "refill stations/stores" by taking in your container and simply refilling what you need! I hope these become more widespread, as it is a more sustainable alternative, quick, easy, cheaper, and generally healthier and safer products then you may find at the local store.

Using aluminum and plastic wrap to save some food or cover a bowl? I love my beeswax covers! They are reusable, naturally made, and decompose! If you can't find these, silicone wraps and lids are also a great item to look for, as they can be reused for years!

Feminine hygiene products... for my ladies that have to pay for these items, I am sure you know that it is not cheap, and who knows what is going in your body? I personally recommend soft silicone menstrual cups! They last forever, you only need one (I do have a few, as back ups since I lose things easily), and they are super easy to clean!

Phones and phone cases are a huge part of nearly everyone's life. When our phones are upgraded, try donating it to someone else, or send them into companies that will make sure they are properly recycled. As far as phone cases, try to pay attention to what you're buying. Some of the cheap $5 ones are priced that way for a reason, and quickly break, leading to an infinite cycle of buying and replacing plastic. I personally have a Pela Case, which is made from natural ingredients, and is fully compostable! They will also take your old phone cases and recycle them for you!

Material: This can be so many things, such as straws, silverware, plates, flooring, seats, decor, and more! Try using a sustainable wood that will hold up over time without the need to be treated by chemicals, such as cedar, cypress, or bamboo. I love bamboo because it is invasive in many places, so taking it out of the environment is a great thing, as compared to cutting down trees we could leave be. Bamboo is antibacterial, weatherproof, sustainable, compostable, and very affordable. Give it a try!


There are so many more things I could write about, but I will leave you with this for now. I would challenge each of you to find one thing in your life that you can do more sustainably! If you have any input on how your country recycles, encourages you do do things, or provides certain products, let me know! I love to learn new things.

Until Next Time,


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