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What's in Your Go Bag? Pt I

Hello friends, guess who’s back! It's Tiki, and this week I wanted to talk about some of my must haves when I am going out for a solo trip, camping with a few friends, or just want to have a stocked emergency Go Bag. This week is all about “What’s in your go bag?” and I would love to hear from some of you via the comments, social medial, or emailing me at with “Blog response” in the subject line. Next blog, I will continue this with what you should consider packing in yours, and why they're so important! I am an eco tour guide and outdoor educator by trade, and I absolutely love nature. I have taught outdoor education, fire building, shelter building, travel awareness, foraging, and more. My main love is being a kayak tour guide, as I can meet people on the water, show them the ropes, teach them about the environment around us, and watch as they slip into the world as I see it and begin to fall in love with the outdoors. Since I am always working outside, I always have my Go Bag. I will talk more about my other jobs like this in a future blog, so stay tuned if you want to learn about how to get into the industry, as well as what it’s all about! So- when I go hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, camping, etc I ALWAYS have some sort of go bag, but what does that mean? My go bag is lightweight, water resistant, and holds everything I might need for a few days out camping or kayaking, or otherwise stranded. I live in Florida, in the US, so my climate is often warm, muggy, and humid, and I plan on ways to stay cool and hydrated. For my gear bag on a weekend camping trip to a remote island recently, here are most of the items I packed: Go Bag (in no particular order):

  • Microfiber Towel

  • Knives

  • Multitool

  • Fire Starter

  • Compass

  • First Aid Kit

  • Paracord

  • Whistle

  • Emergency Blanket

  • Change of clothes (thin shorts and tank top/shirt)

  • Dry food (protein bars, beef jerky, MREs, almonds, etc)

  • Waterproof container that most of this can fit in

  • Fully charged battery pack and small USB charging cord

  • Go Pro

  • Nu Grip

  • Flashlight with multiple settings

  • Rechargeable glow stick

  • Cash

  • Sharpie/Pen

  • Biodegradable wipes

  • Mace

  • Water Purifier

  • Mesh/Reusable Trash Bag

  • Camping Hammock Setup (separate small bag)

Some of these items may be omitted or switched out depending on the type of trip I go on, and who is going with me. For instance, if my pup Rio is also joining me, I will include an extra leash, dog food for about 2-3 days, and a bowl for water. Additionally, I have an app on my phone (Life360) that tracks my location and shares it with my family and close friends. I also let a couple of people know where I will be, when I plan on returning, and who will be with me. There are also various apps that require you to check in after your trip starts, or else it will alert family/friends/authorities that you are missing. You can set it for 30 minute intervals, 1 hour, every few hours, etc.

Being prepared for the worst and hoping for the best is one of my life mottos. Next blog, I will have a part II of this topic, and explore the things you may want to put in your go bag based on your needs, trips, climate, and more. Stay tuned, and stay safe!

Until Next Time,


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